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Keep Moving Forward

Levi Stanford teaches life lessons through the experience he's had of losing his left hand in a tragic accident just five days after being married. In his speeches, you will learn skills and techniques that can help you to face trials and/or adversity with a positive attitude. You will also learn what key factors are needed to accomplish your goals and become an effective leader. His presentations include slideshow, comedy bits, and musical performances.

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The Moment My Life Changed Forever

It's not a matter of 'if' but 'when' you face adversity in your life will you have the strength to overcome it, or instead let it take control and ruin your opportunity to learn, grow, and live your life with true joy and purpose?

What The Youth Are Saying


"Levi was amazing! I have been going through a really rough time for a few months and i've been super happy since he talked to us. I can't stop thinking now about the positive things that I can control"

Brenden Age 15

"I learned that you should not judge other people for what they look like and you should be grateful and be yourself"

Livia Age 8

"Levi is such an inspiration and an amazing singer. I really appreciated his positivity and it inspires me to pass it on"

Marissa Age 17

"I learned not to play with fireworks and make smart choices. I had fun watching him sing and stuff. I hope he comes back again."

Nixon Age 7

"Levi was great. I loved his puns, he has a great sense of humor and is overall a great motivational speaker"

Kori Age 14

"Lost my great grandpa this year and I am really sad. Lev Showed Me how I can stay positive and be happy"

Kate Age 8

"Levi's speech really was amazing! I loved his song Headstrong. Truly a beautiful song"

Macie Age 15

I loved his speech! It was very great and moving.

Lilian Age 15

"He really taught me a lesson. What he does when he is sad is incredible. He is very positive and happy."

Kara Age 7

What Adults are Saying


"The presentation was extremely captivating. I think everyone in the audience felt like they were engaged in a personal conversation with Levi."

Austin Nunn
Principle of Cardston High School

"I would say you are in for an incredible treat and you will come away energized after seeing his presentation"

Bill Simon
Former Teacher/Director of Bands and Drama

"Prepare to laugh, cry, restore some faith in humanity, and feel great because of the happy ending we all crave"

Cameron Clark
Music Teacher/Director - Fine Arts Performer

"Levi is the man! He has a very motivational story and is a dynamic charismatic speaker"

Joel Finnie
Real Estate Agent at Caldwell Banker Pacific Properties

"Levi is well-spoken, funny, has a great voice and he is definitely inspiring! We would attend again and again"

Michael Pilling

"He is very talented, gifted, and funny. His message is uplifting, timely, and needs to be heard. What makes Levi so special is he is authentic and personable. You will not be disappointed if you will take the time and go see him"

John Wickham
Body Breakthrough Coach at Real n' Slim Body Breakthrough

"Last night I went to Levi's show expecting to be entertained and I was not disappointed! But, I hadn't planned to be motivated and inspired by this remarkable young man"

Shauna Keeler

"I love hearing his inspiring story of overcoming the trials and adversity that we face in life, and how he's always looking for the positive. And he's hilarious! One can't help smiling and laughing around his warm, friendly personality"

Rebecca Ford

"I just love everything about Levi! From his amazing outlook on life, to his sense of humour, and his amazing voice! It's impossible not to smile whenever he's around"

Sammy Sopal


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