Week 50

Week 50

52 Week Goal Challenges

"It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving."
― Mother Theresa

To complete this week's challenge, you must do at least one act of service from the 100 acts of service list every day.

Now it's no secret that for some reason, when Christmas rolls around, it seems like everyone is more polite and happy and willing to help out where they can.

Christmas seems to emit an atmosphere of peace and joy that, for many of us, is awesome because it inspires us to do good, and when we do good, it brings us even more happiness. But them for some of us Christmas is garbage. Fair enough to each their own, I guess.

Regardless if you like Christmas or not, the one good thing we can agree upon is that it insights the charity in us, and when we become charitable, that has a substantial butterfly effect that spreads out. So our impact goes far beyond what we can see.
So get on out there and do some service! If not for Christmas's sake, then to want to do some got dang good in the world.

Now, if that isn't an excellent enough reason for you to waste your time helping someone who can't help themselves, then I have found a great article on happiness.com that lists the benefits of service and kindness.

I am excited to see how this week's challenge goes for you, and we would love to hear about it. Let us know what acts of service you completed and how they made you feel by posting in the 52-week goal challenges Facebook Page or by commenting on the You-tube or Instagram videos.

Now, make sure that when you do a post about this challenge that you use the hashtags either 52wgc or #52weekgoalchallenge. That way, others can click on those hashtags, see the information you have shared, and be inspired by your journey.

Thank you so much for reading everyone, and good luck.

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