Week 43

Week 43

52 Week Goal Challenge

“Sugar is a drug. Sugar sets off the same biological mechanisms that are triggered by cocaine and other drugs.”
- Dr. Frank Lipman

To complete this week's challenge you must refrain from eating sweets such as candy, pop, ice cream, cookies, cake basically anything that is intended to give you a sugar rush.

Now please don’t hate me I chose this challenge for this week knowing that it would be Halloween and that candy would be flowing from every nap sack and pillowcase trying to tempt you. I mean hat better time to see who has control of your diet. Do you have the will to say no?

Is it you or is it your cravings that take control of your diet? If you think you are in control of your cravings then this week will be no problem and if your cravings control you then your body will not like your health choices down the road.

Listen I don’t have to preach to you about the negative effects of sugar. Anyone who has social media is constantly barraged by the vegan trend or by personal trainers.

I don’t need to tell you that sugar cause weight gain and heart disease or that it increases acne and your risk for type 2 diabetes and cancer.

I don’t need to tell you that sugar increases your risk of depression and cellular aging or that it reduces our energy.

You guys already know all that stuff and so this week will be no problem right? Yeah, who are we kidding?

The majority of health issues are caused by bad dieting and can be fixed by choosing to reduce the intake of crap like sugar-filled treats. It’s way easier said than done but always worth it in the end and I mean come on, it’s only a week just one tiny week, you can do this!

I am super excited to see how this week goes for you whether or not you are someone who avoids sugar like the plague or someone who struggles staying away from the stuff we would love to hear about it so feel free to post in the 52 week goal challenge facebook group and if you don’t have facebook by commenting on the youtube or Instagram video.

Thank you for reading and good luck! Click Here For Free 5 Day Sugar Detox

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