Week 42

Week 42

52 Week Goal Challenge

"Letters are something from you. It's a different kind of intention than writing an e-mail."
~Keanu Reeves

Video Summary:

To complete this week’s challenge you must send at least two handwritten letters to someone.

Now you may have a lot of questions like, “who the heck do I write to? What the heck do I write about? Why the heck am I doing this in the first place when we have emails, texting, and instant messaging?”

There are amazing reasons so let’s start off with the “why” why to write a letter in the first place. Studies have shown that expressive writing, can improve your health. A study showed that writing on a daily basis about stressful events, sufferers of asthma and arthritis showed improvement of control over their disease.

According to clinical psychologist Josh Klapow, the best way to overcome homesickness isn’t through constant Facebook updates or emails, but rather through a single, weekly source of contact. This could come in the form of a heartfelt letter.

Our world has evolved from the norm of letters into emails and private messages and texts. Expressing your appreciation and love through email nowadays feels almost disingenuous. The act of actually physically writing out a letter and sending it is undeniable proof on its own that you really care, let alone what you say in the letter. Therefore if you truly want your words to be impactful for the person you are writing them to then there is no better way than by a physical letter.

Now many of us may be scratching our head on who exactly we could write to. You could write to your family members to let them know how much you love them. You could write to your friends and tell them how much you appreciate them. But if you're still stuck then don’t worry because there are lots of organizations out there who will send your letters to people in need like the elderly who may feel lonely or people who are struggling through illnesses or have fallen on hard times. If you want to spread some love this week and touch a stranger's heart with a handwritten letter then I have provided a link to a blog site that has a great list of organizations that accept handwritten letters for notable causes.

Now honestly 2 letters is nothing, it really is. I for one am going to try to write more but 2 letters can easily be achieved if you prioritize it and I promise you will feel great for doing it!

Thank you for reading, have a great week and good luck! Click Here to Send Hand Written Letters to Those In Need

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