Week 41

Week 41

52 Week Goal Challenge

"The world will keep spinning faster and faster until we stand up and realize, a good day is everyday we're alive."
-Levi Stanford Lyrics

Video summary:

Since it is Canadian Thanksgiving it only seems right to do a challenge focused on gratitude. To complete this week's challenge you must write down at least five different things you are grateful for every morning. They must be different every day. You can’t just have 5 things you are grateful and repeat them every morning cause, well, that’s bogus!

If you are struggling to find more than five different things to be grateful for then you need an attitude adjustment. There is always, always something to be grateful for no matter what walk of life you come from as long as you are willing to look.

Now the biggest question always posed after anyone mentions an attitude of gratitude is why? Why is it so important that we focus so much on gratitude. Isn’t that just baring our head in the sand and ignoring reality? No, it most definitely is not.

When people look at me they see a black and white comparison of a missing hand and a hand that’s still there. The fact is my hand is never going to grow back and this is with me for life. I could’ve chosen to focus on that and be a victim saying this sucks, I’m missing a hand, woe is me or I could shift my focus to what I have and put my time and energy into that.

It’s not that I ignore the fact that I’m missing a hand, I recognize it for what it is and accept it and say okay well what now? The “what now” is focusing your energy into something that is within your control and what is going to serve you and for me it was the hand that I still had and that I was grateful for.

Life is too dang short to waste precious time boohooing over stuff that can’t be changed. In order to move on we must acknowledge and accept the pain but don’t stay there and become a victim when you have so much more that is screaming for your attention that will give you strength and give you hope. And that’s what having a grateful heart does is it allows you to shift your focus onto things that can propel you forward against all odds.

Our brains focus on the negative as a means to save itself. It’s a primitive self-defense tactic that keeps us a cynical human being always questioning and self-doubting because that’s our brain's way of telling us to stay comfortable and safe. Don’t fight against the odds. If you want inspiration, motivation, perseverance, to overcome adversity, whatever it is you have to choose to override that and shift your focus to all the good that is part of your life and use that to propel you forward to get through the negativity and the crap that life constantly throws at you. And if you do it in the mornings then it will set the tone for the rest of your day.

I don’t mean to be blunt or unempathetic but I don’t care about your circumstances. And what I mean by that is you need to stop using them as an excuse for you not succeeding in life the way you would like. I care about you and most importantly I care about your success and that’s why when I hear a, “but Levi” or a, “you don’t know what I’m going through” I don’t care.

Because I may not know what you are personally going through but in a world, with 7 billion people there are lots of individuals who know exactly what you are going through and there are lots of people who have risen above and taken lead of their life. If they can do it so can you. No more excuses, change your focus, change your life.

Thank you for reading and good luck.

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