Week 37

Week 37

52 Week Goal Challenge

“You will enrich your life immeasurably if you approach it with a sense of wonder and discovery, and always challenge yourself to try new things.”
Nate Berkus

Video Summary:

1. To complete this week’s challenge you must try at least one food you have never had before, every day.

2. Whether that be an entire meal or even just a simple snack food. It must be different and it must be edible… and it cannot be drugs

3. It’s so easy to allow our lives to pass by while being in a bubble of repetition where nothing ever changes. How can we possibly experience life to the fullest if we don’t challenge ourselves and try something new? Our favorite foods were at one time something we had never tried so how do you know if you will like something or not unless you try it.

4. So this week it’s time to get crazy, heck get rambunctious and If you want to order the number two sub instead of your usual number 3. WHAAAAAT? Hey, maybe you will discover a food allergy you never knew you had and it could save your life you never know until you try.

Thank you for reading and good luck!