Week 30

Week 30

52 Week Goal Challenge

"Swim your worries away."
- Unknown


Video Summary:

1. To complete this week’s challenge you must get in at least 30 minutes of swimming every day.

2. Now I get it swimming may not be everybody’s jam but guess what I freaking hate cold showers and I tried that challenge anyways and you know what?…still not a big fan but I tried it and that is the point. These challenges are meant to push your comfort zone and keep you motivated in working on goals not only associated with these weekly challenges but whatever it is you are working towards in your life.

3. Swimming is A whole-body workout and can increase the heart rate, tone muscles, and manage weight without being hard on your joints. Swimming helps build cardiovascular strength and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Swimming is a great skill to have and is a good workout for people with injuries and disabilities. It also helps with asthma and Improving symptoms of multiple sclerosis. (MS)

4. Now I found a great article that lists 15 amazing health benefits to swimming and describes them in further detail so if you would like to check that out I will put the link to that article in the video summary.

5. If you live in the middle of nowhere and have absolutely no access to a pool or body of water that you can swim in then I challenge you to replace it by doing some other form of exercise such as walking.

6. If you don’t want to go to the pool because there might be people there and you don’t feel comfortable in a swimsuit then I’m sorry but that is not a good enough excuse. Like I said these challenges are about pushing your comfort zone and trying new things and how can you expect to succeed and grow at anything in this life if you are not willing to try. Besides no amount of spandex can hide the fact that I have a little chicken wing for an arm. I get starred at every time I go to the pool and I always have kids asking me what happened. That’s usually when I bust out the shark stories.

7. The point is that social anxiety and self-confidence s is something that can be worked and improved upon but that ladies and gentlemen is completely your choice.

Thank you for reading and good luck!

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